Pallet Benches, Chairs & Stools

Old wooden pallets are perfect for making indoor or outdoor benches, chairs & stools. Be inspired for your next project! More inspiration here…
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four pictures of wooden chairs made out of pallets
Adirondack Bench • 1001 Pallets
I had an Adirondack Chair plans for a couple of years. After doing many projects using pallet wood, I decided to utilize the pallet wood for an Adirondack style bench. It took me about 4-5 hours total, not including taking apart the pallets. I disassembled quite a few pallets and store the wood for my … Read More » #Garden, #PalletAdirondackChair, #PalletBenches, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBenches,PalletChairsStools
a wooden chair sitting on top of a patio
Fauteuil De Jardin / 5 Pallets Into Beautiful Garden Armchair • 1001 Pallets
I made this garden armchair in 6 hours with the pallet planks used for making my terrace deck. Five pallets and each plank were cut in half to not throw anything. Je l’ai fait en 6h avec de la recup de lame sous mon ancienne terrasse. 5 palettes et chaque lame couper en deux pour … Read More » #Garden, #PalletArmchair, #PalletChairs, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBenches,PalletChairsStools
an outdoor table and bench next to a swimming pool
Patio Pallet Dining Table Set • 1001 Pallets
Looking for something unique and came up with an idea and how I made it. #Garden, #Outdoor, #PalletBenches, #PalletPicnicTable, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBenches,PalletChairsStools, #PalletDesksPalletTables, #PalletTerracesPalletPatios
a table and chairs made out of pallet wood sitting in front of a window
Outdoor Table & Boardgames Set • 1001 Pallets
2 pallet chairs and a folding coffee table for my terrace. #PalletChairs, #PalletTable, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBenches,PalletChairsStools, #PalletDesksPalletTables
a wooden chair made out of pallet wood and painted blue, red, and orange
Adirondack Chair Made From Two Upcycled Pallets • 1001 Pallets
My first time at making anything out of pallets – really enjoyed doing it. This one is now up on my allotment and I making two more for home with a few refinements. #Garden, #PalletAdirondackChair, #PalletArmchair, #PalletChairs, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBenches,PalletChairsStools
a black bench sitting on top of a wooden floor next to potted planters
Pallet Park Bench / Banc De Parc • 1001 Pallets
Park bench made with recycled pallets frame wood. Banc de parc fait a partir du bois d’une structure de palette. #Garden, #PalletBenches, #PalletFrame, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBenches,PalletChairsStools
several pictures of different types of outdoor furniture made out of pallet wood, including chairs and tables
Pallet Bench & Chair Garden Set • 1001 Pallets
It took me almost 1 month to complete this whole garden set only from repurposed wooden pallets. I used my own Ideas to make this set completely unique. #PalletBenches, #PalletChairs, #PalletGardenSet, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBenches,PalletChairsStools
an outdoor table and bench made out of wood
Pallet Balcony Lounge Set • 1001 Pallets
Do you have a small balcony or narrow little hallway? You can make custom-fit furniture, such as this Pallet Balcony Lounge Set! It includes an L-shaped bench along with an ingenious folding table for easy seating arrangements. How I made this Pallet Balcony Lounge Set: I built this set from approximately five pallets. This project took me … Read More » #Design, #Entrance, #Garden, #Lobby, #Outdoor, #PalletBenches, #PalletFurniture, #PalletLounge, #Recycli
a wooden bench sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a pile of tools
Make Your Own Plywood-topped Pallet Workbench • 1001 Pallets
I made this Plywood-Topped Pallet Workbench out of two pallets and two different types/thicknesses of plywood. This project was completed in about ten hours but didn’t cost a penny. My Plywood-Topped Pallet Workbench: First, I cut the four legs to length from pallet stringers. After I had framed out the top of the bench, I secured it to the … Read More » #Garage, #Outdoor, #PalletWorkbenches, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBenches,PalletChairsStools
several wooden pallets sitting on the ground in front of a white truck parked next to a building
Pallet Sectional Sofa • 1001 Pallets
This piece is so nice that you could use this Pallet Sectional Sofa indoors or out! This took six pallets to make, and you’d only need to add the cushions of your choice. Make a Pallet Sectional Sofa for yourself: First, I stacked two pallets on top of one another. I used spare blocks to create the … Read More » #Garden, #LivingRoom, #Outdoor, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBenches,PalletChairsStools, #PalletSofasCouches
several pairs of shoes are sitting on the floor in front of a wooden shelf with two doors
Pallet Shoe Bench • 1001 Pallets
This was my first pallet project with a simple idea in mind that came out very efficiently. #DiyPalletTutorial, #Entrance, #OakWood, #PalletBenches, #PalletShoesRack, #RecyclingWoodPallets, #Storage #PalletBenches,PalletChairsStools, #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
three different pictures of a bench made out of pallet wood and some plants in the background
Pallets Chair & Bench • 1001 Pallets
Other ideas for a pallet bench and chair! #Garden, #PalletBenches, #PalletChairs, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBenches,PalletChairsStools
three red and blue pallet style chairs sitting on the side of a building next to each other
Colored Pallet Garden Chairs • 1001 Pallets
I recently made these two pallets board chairs. I’ve chosen blue and orange for the colors, you can maybe achieve the same colors by reusing blue pallets & red pallets. #Garden, #PalletChairs, #PalletLounge, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBenches,PalletChairsStools
several different colored wooden chairs and tables in various stages of being used as seating for children
Pallets Garden Armchairs • 1001 Pallets
Many models of colored garden armchairs made with repurposed pallets ! #Garden, #PalletArmchair, #PalletChairs, #PalletTable, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBenches,PalletChairsStools
a chair made out of pallet wood with the words repailt beach chair on it
Re-pallet Beach Chair • 1001 Pallets
Chair of great comfort and resistance, for indoor and outdoor use, easy production, economical and customizable (colors). Undoubtedly, electric tools make it easier to manufacture the chair, but it is totally feasible to do it with manual tools. Tools needed: a hammer, an electric saw, a drill, drill bits, a sander, and a screwdriver.Materials needed: … Read More » #DiyPalletTutorial, #PalletArmchair, #PalletChairs, #PalletFurniture, #RecyclingWoodPallets #