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Cool ideas to store your books with hundred of bookshelves and bookcases entirely made from discarded wooden pallets. More inspiration here…
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two pictures side by side, one with bookshelves and the other with drawers
Pallet Bookshelves With Wine Boxes • 1001 Pallets
Bookshelf out of repurposed wooden pallets, rafters, and wine crates (for drawers). Bibliothèque en bois de palettes, chevrons, et caisses de vin ( pour les tiroirs). #LivingRoom, #PalletBookcase, #PalletBookshelf, #PalletWineCrates, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBookcasesBookshelves, #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
four different pictures of shelves with plates and bowls on them, one is made out of pallet wood
Pallet Bookcase • 1001 Pallets
My version of a pallet bookcase! Unique and economic! #PalletBookcase, #PalletBookshelf, #PalletShelves, #PalletWall #PalletBookcasesBookshelves
a wooden shelf sitting in front of a wall with pictures on the wall above it
Simple and Efficient Pallet Bookshelf • 1001 Pallets
This was a pretty simple project I slapped together for a friend. It took me about 24 hours in total. With it being about my fourth pallet project to complete I’d say it turned out well. #DiyPalletTutorial, #LivingRoom, #PalletBookshelf, #PalletShelves, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBookcasesBookshelves
there is a table made out of wooden pallets with bookshelves in the background
Dutch Pallet Design #2 • 1001 Pallets
Some freestyle pallet projects! #Design, #PalletBookcase, #PalletFurniture, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBookcasesBookshelves, #PalletDesksPalletTables
the red mahogany bookcase is full of books and has many different types of movies on it
Red Mahogany Pallet Bookcase • 1001 Pallets
I built this large red mahogany bookcase for someone I work with, it will be used for DVD storage. They happen to have a large movie collection and asked me to build this at 85″ tall, 55″ wide, and 10″ deep. I ripped 2x4s in half to build the frame then used pallet deck boards … Read More » #PalletBookcase, #PalletBookshelf, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBookcasesBookshelves
two wooden boxes with magnets on them and the words pallet display cabinet below
Super Simple Display Cabinet from Pallet Wood Scraps • 1001 Pallets
A really simple display cabinet built using leftover pallet wood scraps. Tools required are: a saw, a square, a pencil, nails, and a tape measure (optional). This uses 5 pallets planks of the same size for the top, bottom and backs and 2 other pallet planks of the same size for the sides. Simply held … Read More » #DiyPalletTutorial, #PalletCabinet, #PalletShelves #PalletBookcasesBookshelves, #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a room with a chair, bookshelf and pictures on the wall in it
A Simple Pallet Bookshelf • 1001 Pallets
A small bookshelf to keep any office organized and neat! I had so many books on the floor! Now I’ve got my particular books systematically organized and Dewey decimal classified…Well, I didn’t really do the last one, but they do look organized don’t they?! #PalletBookcase, #PalletBookshelf, #RecyclingWoodPallets, #Simple #PalletBookcasesBookshelves, #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
an old wooden book shelf with books on it and a bench in front of it
Bibliothèque En Palette / Pallets Bookshelf • 1001 Pallets
Here is a bookshelf I’ve made from: Oak plank for the side supports Pallets for the shelves, drawer and side door The dimensions are approximately: 2m20 high, 1m20 wide and 40cm deep. Voici une bibliothèque réalisée: en planche de chênes pour les supports latéraux en palettes pour les étagères, le tiroir et la porte latérale … Read More » #PalletBookcase, #PalletBookshelf, #PalletFurniture, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBookcasesBookshelves
a wooden book shelf filled with lots of books
Pallet Bookcase • 1001 Pallets
A bookcase I made this week with upcycled pallets. #PalletBookcase, #PalletBookshelf, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBookcasesBookshelves, #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
two pictures side by side of a wooden cabinet
Pallet Tv Stand / Cabinet • 1001 Pallets
I needed a beautiful piece of furniture that could sit at the top of my staircase in my home. I was kicking the idea around of buying something. But, I worked with pallets and figured if I took some home I can make something. I drafted up a quick blueprint to run off then just … Read More » #PalletBookshelf, #PalletCabinet, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBookcasesBookshelves, #PalletCabinetsWardrobes
an old bookcase is transformed into a diy coffee table with paint and wood
Pallets Bookshelf & Table • 1001 Pallets
Break it down build it up! Bookshelves and table made from upcycled pallets! #PalletBookcase, #PalletBookshelf, #PalletTable, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBookcasesBookshelves, #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a wooden book shelf with books on it in a pink room next to a bed
Bibliothèque / Pallet Bookshelf • 1001 Pallets
Simple bookshelf made with 3 recycled pallets by James :) Fait avec 3 palettes Europe par James. #LivingRoom, #PalletBookcase, #PalletBookshelf, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBookcasesBookshelves
a wooden bookcase with the words study, stylish pallet wood bookcase
Sturdy, Stylish Pallet Wood Bookcase • 1001 Pallets
Made this bookcase from virtually all recycled wood and at a cost of less than $20. #PalletBookcase, #PalletShelves, #RecyclingWoodPallets, #Storage #PalletBookcasesBookshelves
a dog laying on the floor in front of a book shelf
Pallet Bookshelf / Bibilotheque En Palette • 1001 Pallets
Sanded and refurbished pallet into a little bookshelf. Palette poncée et un peu retapée. #LivingRoom, #PalletBookcase, #PalletBookshelf, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBookcasesBookshelves, #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
an old book shelf has been turned into a diy pallet for your dorm
2 Bookshelf Ideas with Pallet for Your Dorm • 1001 Pallets
There is nothing as exciting as making your own pallet bookshelf. The idea of having to use a few pieces of wood and end up with an incredible design is breathtaking. You’re in college, and getting space to fit a bookcase might not be easy. Don’t worry, just improvise. There are plenty of beautiful bookshelves … Read More » #PalletBookcase, #PalletBookshelf, #RecyclingWoodPallets, #UpcycledPallet #PalletBookcasesBookshelves