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Chikuraku Festival, Oita, Japan
lamper og lys i haven
Espace public temporaire pour explorer le devenir d'un lieu inclusif dans l'environnement urbain de demain. À Zurich, en 2012. par OOZE.

Sailing Aarhus Week

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a group of people standing around a fire pit with umbrellas over it and food trucks in the background
2020 Boulder Summer Edition — The Passport Program
Rayback Collective
people sitting on the grass in front of an open area at night with neon lights
HOME - Rayce PR and Marketing - Luxury Wedding Event PR
Music Snowboards & Skateboards...@2r_creative added some neon to that mix and you've got an unforgettable festival in Los Angeles! || event production: @2r_creative | @airandstyle
a large group of people are sitting at tables and drinking beer in an outdoor bar
25 Rain-Friendly Outdoor Dining Options in NYC
NYC's 12 Best Outdoor Restaurants, Bars, Beer Gardens, and More
some wooden chairs and tables in the sand near a fenced area with palm trees
Forside -
Carlsberg (Urban Beach bar) | Made in School
people are sitting on benches in front of colorfully painted structures and trees near the water
Temple of Agape / Morag Myerscough + Luke Morgan
Temple of Agape | Morag Myerscough + Luke Morgan
an image of a yellow tunnel in the dark
TME.NET - Tech, Media & Entertainment
Ivan Navarro Try, 2010 neon lights, wooden box, paint, plexiglas, mirror, one-way mirror and electric energy 33 x 33 x 7 inches - Paul Kasmin Gallery
an empty room with blue light coming in from the ceiling and floor to the wall
Baltimore-based artist Ahn Chulhyun works with fluorescent tube lights, plywood and mirrors to create optical illusions that transcend both time and space.
a wooden structure sitting on top of a sandy beach
SALT Festival Installations / Rintala Eggertsson Architects
SALT festival installations - Fiskehjeller på Langsand, Sandhornøy in Nordland. Architects: Rintala Eggertsson.
an artistic sculpture is lit up in red and white lights on the ground at night
Accumulation: Dramatic LED Light Tunnel by Yang Minha | Inspiration Grid
“Accumulation” is a concentric tunnel of light patterns installed at the main gate of Le Meridien Seoul. The fantastic art installation was created by South Korean artist Yang Minha. “The LED light tunnel expresses the accumulation of time. The composition of the frames concretes continuity and shows the locational context. ‘Accumulation’ has six sequences and each movie has an original theme like ‘Rise’, ‘Flow&...
an image of a long tunnel that is very dark and has white lights on it