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a baby elephant laying on the ground next to it's mother
Hats, Costume, Hatter, Cape, Crown, Capes, Schick, Sombreros
people walking in the rain with umbrellas
Geoffrey Johnson "Study Paris IV" - 11x8, oil on board - at Principle Gallery
a carved wooden plaque with a fish on it's side and stars in the background
AndrusMagnus — Serving Board Pennsylvania 1815
four brooms hanging from a shelf in front of jars and other items on the wall
Matthew Jacks, Furniture Maker
an old wooden box with paint brushes and other items in it on a white surface
paint box
several pieces of white hair are arranged on a table
Noot & Zo Ceramics and pottery design by Suus Notenboom
a paint brush is hanging on the side of a white painted wooden wall with peeling paint
Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings By Patrick Kramer
an assortment of old shaving tools and other items