in the woods somewhere

the night so black that the darkness hummed
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moss covered rocks with trees in the background
there is a statue in the water with trees and bushes behind it on either side
a woman standing in the water at night
A Water Prayer. {Poetry}
"She drinks of herself, and breathes. She is shining and shifting. Reflecting sun and sky."~excerpt of a poem by Sarah Castrigano
the sun shines through the trees and grass
I’d rather waltz than just walk through the forest..
people swimming in a river surrounded by trees
Dana Frid
a busturine floating in the water with his hand out to touch it's face
The Weird Wide Web
requiem-on-water: ““Dissolution in Nature” | Vladikavkaz, Russia by Tanya Preminger ”
moss covered rocks in the middle of a river
Prove your humanity
sunlight shining through the trees over a stream
a stream running through a lush green field next to tall grass and white flowers on a foggy day
llovinghome: Photo
the trees are covered in moss and hanging over the water
Why southern gothic rules the world
an aerial view of a pond with moss growing on it
Today Is 9/9 : Harness Powerful Energy From The Universe For Your Wish
there is a very tall green mountain in the distance with water running down it's side
there is a small lake in the middle of this mountain side area with green grass and rocks
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