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an aerial view of a building with green vegetation growing on the side of it and cars driving down the street
Design Archives
The Parkroyal Hotel on Pickering in Singapore, designed by WOHA
a wooden walkway next to the ocean with mountains in the background
Hedrer Norske turistveier
Ny internasjonal arkitekturpris til Norske turistveier - Nordland - NRK Nyheter
a wooden deck surrounded by green plants and shrubbery on the side of a house
Abingdon garden designed by Sarah Price - A contemporary city garden on two levels with wooden deck, corten steps, topiary box and foliage plants. Photo by by Steven Wooster via The Garden Collection.
a garden filled with lots of flowers next to a white fence
A Front-Yard Garden That Fills in Fast - FineGardening
A Front-Yard Garden in No Time by Tom Peace. This guy has talent! Also, a good list at the end re: good clumpers and fillers.
a wooden box filled with lots of flowers on top of a wooden table next to trees
Interview: Isabelle Palmer of The Balcony Gardener
converted vintage wood box into beautiful container for flowers
a field full of wildflowers and other flowers
Habitat Garden Ideas
GARDENS FOR WILDLIFE: A woody wildlflower garden captures the spirit of the wilderness in your own backyard. Here, poppies and cornflower thrive in a wildflower field. This type of woody wildflower garden provides a wonderful resting spot for wildlife and humans alike. Cornflower is a full sun annual plant, and poppy is a full sun perennial plant.
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by greenery and shrubs with white flowers in the foreground
Tom Stuart-Smith
wild garden w/ a lap pool [one can do a salt water pool and avoid all the chemicals]
colorful flowers line the side of a building in front of a brick wall and grass
Exactly what I was thinking of for the fence line- wildflower look (& maintenance hopefully!)
a garden with lots of flowers and trees
Garden Guide
Chanticleer || Gravel Garden in Pennsylvania: early summer brings the show-stopping combination of orange butterfly weed, lavender, and Nassella (Mexican feather grass). Thyme graces nearly every nook and cranny of the garden and begins its show in May alongside the pinks and poppies.
a field full of wildflowers next to a barbed wire fence
Wildflower Photos
Fields of wildflowers in southern Cali.....I remember the poppies and lupine of the High Desert well growing up.
a garden filled with lots of different types of plants
8 Gardening Trends That Will Inspire You to Spend More Time Outside
Creative Veggie Garden... think "Edible Landscape"... Instead of growing cabbage in a straight line, try curves. Plant perennials right next to your basil and sage. And in lieu of wood, build your raised beds out of galvanized steel or rustic materials. Just as you would design your landscape to complement your personal style, design your vegetable garden to match.
the building is shaped like a wave
This is beautiful, but I don't envy the souls who had to do working drawings for it, or the builders who made it a reality.
people are walking up and down the stairs
Galería de Entrevista a Alejandro Zaera Polo por Pedro Pablo Arroyo Alba - 5
Yokohama Terminal | Alejandro Zaera Polo & Farshid Moussavi | exterior
an artistic sculpture is shown in the middle of a room
プロジェクト | 隈研吾建築都市設計事務所
Stonescape showroom in Bologna by kengo kuma and associates