letter (W)❤

‏الحياة مثل السوق الكبير ، تتجول فيه وتأخذ ما يطيب لك من المعروض ، ولكن تذكر بأن الحساب أمامك وستدفع ثمن كل شيء أخذته
633 Pins
a red heart sitting on top of a pile of hearts
a person holding up a piece of paper with writing on it
an arabic logo with the letter w in red, purple and white letters that spell out love
Strapless Dress, Film Posters, Movie Posters
four different pictures with arabic text and images in the middle one has an open book on it
My best friend
a person holding up a ring with the word jele written on it in front of other people
نستودعك يا الله حالنا، فاجعله ياربّ في خير وعلى خير وإلى خير.
a person holding up a piece of paper with the word written in arabic on it
‏“ لا تُصاحِب إلا منْ يكتُم سِرك ويستُر عيبك ‏وينشُر حسناتك ويطوي سيئاتِك ‏فإن لم تجده ؛ فلا تُصاحِب إلا نفسك .! "
a woman with her hands out in front of an advertisement for the christmas holiday season
a teddy bear sitting in front of hearts with the words pjp on it
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a wooden table next to roses and letters
بعد فترة من الزمن ، ستدرك أن الله لو تركك لإختياراتك لغرقت..!
the word w is written in arabic and has an image of a heart with two smiley faces
ᯓ 𓆩 ˹ 𝙒 ˼ 𓆪 .