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a woman dressed in white standing next to a black and white object
Maïmouna Guerresi: the Art of Explaining Mysteries | Yatzer
an abstract black and white painting with wavy lines
Ordinary Finds
Kenneth Josephson: Untitled (88-4-235) - from the series Books, 1988 (Yancey Richardson Gallery):
an old wooden door with peeling paint and knobs on it's sides,
Ancient paint
Ancient paint
four different images of flowers in black and white, with the same woman's face
Pinterest (1 новое письмо) — Яндекс.Почта
a person's hand with their arm wrapped around the wrist and text that reads, tom marvolo riddle the boy who made all the wrong choices
Yana Arkhipenko | Hand photography, Hand reference, Hand pose
an image of wood that has been painted yellow and brown with some paint on it
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black and white photograph of a leaf's vein like pattern on the outside of it
Macro Photography: Leaf veins and texture by Martyn Franklin.
a blurry image of lines and curves in the air with a person standing on one side
magic of paper fold
a person wearing a blindfold with two eyes
Ojos de Videotape
''Ojos de Videotape / 'Videotape Eyes'' by Florencia Muriel, 2009.
a woman with cans in her eyes
the reflection of two glasses in front of a mirror