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two baby shoes with flowers on them sitting on a white tableclothed surface, one is green and the other is yellow
a pair of green shoes with flowers on them
Felt Doll Shoes | Doll shoe patterns, Felt dolls, Doll clothes american girl
Felt shoes with ribbon embroidery
a person holding a small doll in their left hand next to some yarn and needles
Doll house stories: kitchen
Doll house stories: kitchen – SALLEY MAVOR
three wooden birds sitting on top of a piece of wood with trees growing out of them
Miniature Birdhouses (3) - Gift, Dollhouse Accessories, Fairy Garden, Gift, Miniature Garden, Window
Three Fairy Birdhouses by Fairies of Tranquility A beautiful set of three miniature birdhouses, handcrafted using natural materials. These would make a lovely addition to any miniature landscape."Little birds chirp and the fairies flutter.The Fairies of Tranquility have made beautiful miniature fairy birdhouses so every little bird has somewhere to snuggle down".The fairy birdhouses will measure approximately 6 - 8 cm tall and 2 cm wide.For Decorative Purposes Only.These pieces will be handcraft
a person holding a stuffed animal in front of a white background with the words design and make your own soft toy
Designing and Making Your Own Soft Toy
Learn how to design and make your own soft toy from scratch by creating a pattern, cutting then stitching it, and adding the final touches
five dolls are lined up on the floor
Welcome Spring - some final shares from March
a little red haired girl holding a basket next to a gnome's house in the grass
polly by salley mavor
the doll is wearing a yellow hat on top of it's head and has blue eyes
How to Make Curly Hair for Stumpwork Figures & Small Dolls
an advertisement for the children's book, one more week pocketful of posies
two miniature dolls are sitting in the palm of someone's hand, one is holding a lit candle
Mr. Scrooge – making steady progress
mmmcrafts: Mr. Scrooge – making steady progress
a diagram showing the parts of a mouse's body and how to use it
Photo Tutorial: How to Make Felt Mice and The One That Got Away