Light in painting

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a painting of two cups and a ball on a newspaper page with words in the background
Zátiší – kombinovaná technika
a white flower with black stamens on a dark blue background is seen from above
Katie G. Whipple on Instagram: “This is the only anemone that survived from my last week of work. Some paintings flow without too much trouble, others require several…”
three different types of cubes are shown in this drawing
Munsell Neutral Cubes – Value Exercises
cubes in three different values
an apple is sitting on a piece of cloth with a paintbrush in its hand
Grand Central Atelier on Instagram: “A painting in progress by Water Street alum, @toddmcasey”
three purple pears sitting on top of a table next to an orange and yellow wall
Three Figs no. 6 Painting
Angela Moulton | OIL | Three Figs no. 6
an apple labeled with all the parts labelled on it's side, sitting on a wooden surface
How to draw an apple
Starting point: How to draw an apple
an oil painting of two lemons on a table
Daily Paintworks - Original Fine Art © Elena Katsyura
"White Grapefruit" original fine art by Elena Katsyura
an image of different types of vegetables and meats on a white background with words below it
Берешь и Рисуешь. Запись со стены.
a yellow apple sitting on top of a white plate
지 현 on X
mickey mouse's halloween party with fireworks and pumpkins in front of a castle
Details Revealed on New Fireworks Show Coming to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party
“Disney’s Not-So-Spooky Spectacular” is the name of the new nighttime show hosted by Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.
a painting of steps leading to the water at night
Moonlight (Akseli Gallen-Kallela - )
Moonlight - Akseli Gallen-Kallela - 1897
a painting of a man and woman standing in the snow by a mailbox, looking at each other
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