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a sculpture of a creature on a wooden table
an animal statue with its mouth open and it's teeth wide open, on a black surface
Plague Werewolf
an alien head statue on top of a table
Alien bust by Caseylovedesigns on DeviantArt
A group pic of some of my older pieces.
an odd looking statue with spikes on its head and hands sticking out from it's mouth
three alien heads sitting next to each other
Warrior, Assassin, and Hunter
a close up of a toy dinosaur with its mouth open
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Alacakaranlık Kuşağı - The Twilight Zone - Koleksiyonlar - Google+
an animal with its mouth open and it's teeth wide open, showing the teeth
an alien head is shown next to a drawing of the face and body of a human
Character Design - Digital to Sculpture
It's important to balance the two sides of a face, but rarely in nature (or in your designs) do you actually want each side to be a perfect mirror of the other.
the dvd is being held up to show how to paint creatures with it's eyes
an alien looking face with the words sculpey painting techniques casey love on it
How to Paint Creatures - Sculpey Painting Techniques
Learn to paint polymer clay creatures with FX artist Casey Love (Predators, The Thing, AvP: Requiem).
two women standing next to a statue of a demon with horns on it's head
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first_keeper: Monsterpalooza 2013
an alien head is shown with the words creature design digital to practical casey love
Character Design - Digital to Sculpture
How to design characters - The "digital to practical" approach to monster design
a busturine is shown in the dark with its mouth open and it's teeth
Vampire Sculpt by Steve Wang Paint by Casey Love