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there are many legos on the table with cars and trucks in front of them
II MontcaTren
Trobada de Modelisme Ferroviari 1-2 de juliol Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona)
an empty parking lot with grass and street lights in the center, surrounded by concrete pavements
Studie Zwei
the floor plan for a parking lot with several different areas and directions to each area
angled parking standard dimensions
the diagram shows how to use an automatic car door for driving on a curved road
an aerial view of the parking lot for cars
BibLus | Blog du savoir faire et du logiciel pour l’architecture, l’ingénierie et la construction
the floor plan for an office building, with several floors and two parking spaces on each side
an aerial view of a parking lot with cars
an aerial view of the arena from above, with seating areas marked in red and yellow
Parking Silo de l'Arlequin
an aerial view of the ground plan for the new building, which is currently under construction
Parking Lot Plan for Denver Montclair International School - EVstudio