13 Pins
a pair of gray knitted baby booties sitting on top of a white surface
Strikkede Baby Futter - Gratis Strikkeopskrift (Tusindfryd)
Knitted Baby Outfits, Girls Knitted Dress, Onesie Dress, Knit Baby Dress
Mollie Kjolebody - Dansk
a brown sweater laying on top of a bed next to a white sheet and pillow
Anker's Suit pattern by PetiteKnit
Haken Baby, Crochet Baby Clothes, Summer Romper, Baby Outfits, Knitting For Kids
Elina's sommerbody
Knitting Increase, Baby Robes, Baby Mode, Baby Overalls
Willum's Overalls pattern by PetiteKnit
Knit Baby Jackets, Kids Winter Fashion, Winter Baby Clothes
Baby bukser og body
two knitted sweaters sitting next to each other on top of a wooden floor
Olive's Ribbed Jumpsuit pattern by Pernille Larsen
Olive Cardigan, Diy Cardigan, Baby Poncho, Baby Cardigan Pattern, Olive Sweater