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a poster with words and pictures about the different things that happen in this language, including letters
Jak wygląda droga listu od nadawcy do odbiorcy
the instructions for how to make an origami envelope with pictures and text on it
Kim jest adresat, a kim nadawca. Piszemy list.
a map with different countries and their flags on the top one is red, white, and blue
Wszystko dla Szkoły nr 02/2018
the letter k is made up of two green alligators with large eyes and sharp teeth
Mes réCréations
the worksheet for children to learn how to make their own shapes and numbers
crossword puzzles for kids to learn how to solve the missing numbers in each puzzle
soutien scolaire site Éducatif pour la formation des enfants
a sheet with numbers on it in spanish
le sottrazioni | blog
an octopus made out of abacuss on top of a microwave oven door with magnets attached to it
20 idee stupende per insegnare a contare al tuo bambino. Giocando si impara.
four images of alligators and crocodile teeth
❺ Наша начальная школа/подготовка к школе ❺. Запись со стены.
four different pictures of numbers and crocodiles in spanish
Maior que e menor que, uma aula interdisciplinar com português, ciências e artes.
an open notebook with some drawings on it