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two wooden structures in the grass near trees
a watering can pours water into a patch of grass on the ground in front of a brick walkway
How to Grow Grass Between Pavers: 12 Steps (with Pictures)
Not grass! Peppermint or African daisies between the pavers. I bet this would help keep moisture available in the summer, shade an area for their roots.
a wooden play structure with ropes, swings and a tire on the ground in front of some bushes may be for sale -
Triple Tower Wooden Adventure Climbing Frame. Love the tire swing
a child playing on a wooden climbing frame in the grass next to a playground with toys
XXL Klettergerüst 2,4m Kletterturm Spielturm mit Kletternetz Reckstange Leiter 4017822603056 | eBay
XXL Klettergerüst 2,4m Kletterturm Spielturm mit Kletternetz Reckstange Leiter
a wooden structure with several bottles hanging from it's sides and an advertisement for skype w7773
Commercial Swing Sets | Heavy Duty Swings & Replacement Parts
Supernova Jungle Gym Accessories & Hardware Kit
a wooden swing set with two swings attached to the top and bottom bars on each side
Wooden Playground 3d Obj
wooden playground 3d obj - Small Wooden Playground... by mellow box
a small wooden structure with lots of plants growing on it's sides in the grass
Climbing thing Mehr
a car parked in front of a house with grass growing on the driveway and walkway
Driveway takes up all of my backyard
Backyard Installations contemporary landscape
an outdoor garden with grass and trees in the back ground, next to a building
Rock Garden
Large pavers and dark stone. Is this what you had in mind@dianne?