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an object is sitting on top of a piece of wood in the process of being made
3D Printer Log
Slip cast Kitschpot in mould at CP Ceramics
a vase with five candles in it sitting on a wooden floor next to a chair
there are many different colored coffee cups on the table with one cup in the middle
Vol.23 杉尾信康さんのうつわ
japanese pottery [}
a gray vase with a twig sticking out of it's side sitting on a white surface
Anne Fallis Elliott
Anne Fallis Elliott - teapot
a small blue and white flowered box with a square opening on the front side
Hanna Risgaard. (lesson idea: challenge students to 'recontextualize'... combining patterns from their cultural heritage with an every day object from their current daily life)
several different pictures of white objects with designs on them
Embroidered ceramic... This is my idea for the quote project! I really enjoy the uniqueness of the piece. I've never seen anything like this. The embroidery stands out so clearly because of the white of the ceramic piece.
a woman's arm with five different colored bracelets on top of each other
Ceramic Jewelry Unique and Stylish Purple Ceramic Bracelet | Etsy
Ceramic jewelry Unique and stylish purple ceramic by orlydesign
a sculpture of a wave on top of a rock with blue and white waves coming out of it
Denise Romecki Ceramic Sculpture. Great expressive feature of water and also shown through texture of water aspect in sculpture. Great use of colour but which is not overpowering and also simple in design.
a white vase with a gold snowflake decoration on it
stitched pot, another decorating element for pottery pieces. You never stop learning.
a stack of rocks sitting on top of a planter
Totem. These are fun to make - lots of possibilities - I'm thinking that styrofoam balls can be sent home, and decorated, and sent back to school for show & share, and creat a collaborative topiary.
a white vase sitting on top of a table covered in brown circles and holes,
RESERVED Rusted Encrusted Bottle Ceramic Sculpture
Seaurchin -Rusted Encrusted Bottle Ceramic Sculpture, altered surface