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decorations for the castle

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a statue of a woman sitting on top of a moon in front of an arch
a sun shaped window in the side of a building
A Really Sunny Window!
A Really Sunny Window! | by Robbi Baba
a stained glass window with green leaves on it
many lights hanging from the ceiling in a room
Направляясь на восток.
would love to get some eclectic lanterns to hang in a grouping over the end table at the end of the couch in the corner of the room.
some fish are swimming in the water on a mosaic tile floor with words above it
Mosaic Artists Gallery
a stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen next to a wall mounted pizza oven
a sink in a kitchen with flowers and potted plants on the window sill
a mosaic floor with fish and waves on it
a black cat tea light holder with a pink candle
cat decor
two stained glass windows with flowers on them in the corner of a room next to a window
900+ House of dreams ideas in 2024 | house design, house, house interior
stained glass windows.
a stained glass window with orange flowers and a blue bird sitting on the ground in front of it
California Poppies Más
four different types of stained glass lights on a wall mounted light fixture, one with a butterfly and the other with a flower
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