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many different layers of rock are stacked together on top of each other in order to create an interesting pattern
Wasp nest
We have an old wasp nest stored at our house (and there's one in the woods not far from here that's as big as a beachball, but too high for ...
the bark of an old tree with yellow and brown paint
Peeling Tree Bark hdr (Eye Catching)
Peeling Tree Bark, inspiration:
a piece of wood that has been cut in half and is being used as a sculpture
Chilean escultura ceramica – Pascale Lehmann
an old wooden structure with peeling paint and holes in the wood that has been stripped off
Vraket | Patrik Carlsson | Flickr
peeling paint on the bark of a tree
Eucalyptus bark
some very large rocks that are by the water
Pliegue angular de calizas y radiolaritas. Angular crease of limestones and radiolarites.
the texture of an old cracked surface is white and brown, with small cracks in it
coffee and cigarettes
an image of a bed that is made out of cloths and fabric material on top of each other
Vintage Details November 19, 2015 | ZsaZsa Bellagio - Like No Other