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the tweet has been posted to someone about their college kids's work
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two people in a red boat surrounded by planets and the sun, with one man sitting on top of another
38 Collages Of Old, Vintage Photographs From The Past That Form Surreal Madness By Mohanad Shuraideh
the tweet is posted to someone on their twitter account, and it looks like they
Don't be afraid to not be super straightforward with your prose.
the lacc operon diagram shows that there are two different types of organ tissue
Best Books for Olympiads, NEET, JEE and CBSE Boards
The lac Operon
an article about writing tips on the webpage, with text and images above it
Writing Tip: different literary dashes | pinned by @carolineewong
a comic strip with an image of two strands and the caption, another gene is
DNA methylation gene silencing comic
the pcr - polymer chain reaction is shown in this diagram, and shows how it works
PCR Has a History of Amplifying Its Game
PCR Has a History of Amplifying Its Game
the steps in how to draw a double - stranded, triple - stranded diagram
DNA and Biotechnology - Biology of Humans
DNA and Biotechnology - Biology of Humans
a diagram showing the different types of plants and animals
DNA Structure, Replication, and Technology - Recombinant DNA | Shmoop
recombinant dna technology | ... some real, non-super-ape, applications of recombinant DNA technology
a piece of paper with some writing on it
IB Biotechnology Review Key (3.5)
IB Biology: Biotechnology Review (3.5) 1. What does PCR stand for? H We mvje CZIAMW Rem: ks“ 2. How is PCR useful i...
an image of a poster with the caption you say tomato
Inglis Thorburn (@InglisThorburn) / Twitter
Carolus Linnaeus- this cracks me up. I want to frame it, hang it, and love it for ever. Classification Binomial Nomenclature Linnaeus