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an image of a woman talking to a child in the bathroom with her hair pulled back
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there is a woman talking to a man in front of him with the caption that says, you don't meet me i thought anything
Cristina's view if it!! (Greys Anatomy) Love, Favorite Tv Shows, Tv Series, Obsession, Surgeon, Series
Cristina's view if it!! (Greys Anatomy)
a man standing in front of a large body of water
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two pictures of the same person in scrubs
a man and woman looking into each other's eyes
two doctors in scrubs and masks with the caption, alright everybody's a beautiful night to save lives
Patrick Dempsey Grey's Anatomy. Episode 1 season 1 hard days night. Note the cap
the doctors are talking to each other
Grey’s anatomy 1x02
a man in scrubs holding a folder and smiling
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a man sitting on top of a woman's lap with the caption, you're my person
❖ I just don’t know if I want to watch without these... (Crush Cul de Sac)
Patrick & Ellen...
Men's Fashion, Patrick Dempsey Young, Gibson, 90s Men, 80s Fashion Men, Mens Fashion
The 25 Best Photos Of Patrick Dempsey
a man sitting in front of a white backdrop wearing a black suit and gold necklace
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