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an advertisement with the words why save and invest in digital asset? on it's screen
three different types of webpage designs
Dosa yang terus mengalir
🚀 free to save and share 📌 Dimohon untuk tidak menghilangkan watermark Class DPS • semoga bermanfaat •
the webpage design is designed to look like it has many different colors and shapes
Startup SaaS Healthcare Instagram Posts and Stories Template AI
Startup SaaS Healthcare Instagram Posts and Stories Template AI
an advertisement for social charity with various devices
Social Charity - Strategic Brand Identity
Social Charity - Strategic Brand Identity on Behance
the health innovate global logo on a blue background
Health Innovate Global Logo
Health Innovate Global Ltd are a new company who exist to create a healthy world, and to give people access to the healthcare products that are needed for the world’s population to thrive. Their vision is for ‘a healthy world’ and I was thrilled to be asked to design their new brand identity and logo.
the landing page for trading reinivered, an interactive platform that allows users to learn how to use it
Frame 1827.png by make it wow
three different images of people with hats and glasses
Hesham mohamed
the powerpoint presentation is displayed in blue and white colors, with several different slides
2021 The Ultimate PowerPoint Presentation
the poster shows different types of people and their names in circles, with words above them
French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development - Visual identity
Pitch Deck Slides for General Company Profile by  Fahrobby Adnan Designers, Corporate Design, Sales Deck, Data Visualization Design, Company Presentation, Presentation Slides Design, Equity
#Exploration - Pitch Deck - General Company Profile
Social Media Branding Design, Social Media Template, Social Media Branding, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Poster
Free Vector | Hand drawn mental health instagram post