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a room that has some kind of curtain on the wall and lights behind it in the corner
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two people standing in front of a black backdrop with light strips on it and one person taking a photo
1200_D0A9697_retouched_highres - Chicago Photographer & Director of Photography
a drawing of a book shelf with measurements for the bottom section and shelves on each side
Wood Storage Cart — MonoLoco Workshop
a wooden shelf sitting on top of a dolly
a chair and table in front of a wall with newspapers on it
Barbara Coupe
Newspaper wall
a yellow chair sitting in front of a wall covered with newspaper paper and pictures on it
I've always wanted my future office to have newspaper on the walls
a woman holding red balloons while standing in front of a newspaper wall with black and white tiles
Newspapers as wall decor. Maybe decoupaged to a canvas or thin piece of wood.
two pictures of nuts in a bucket on a counter
Foodless Fridays - Food Photography Tutorial: Backgrounds Part 1
This post will probably appeal mostly to other bloggers / food photographers, or those of you who are curious about how the different photo looks are achieved. For the rest of you that are already yawning, I apologize and promise more delicious low carb recipes soon! If you want a successful food blog you …
a man standing next to a little boy in a room filled with wooden pallets
Project Guide: Building with Pallets
diy pallet wall tutorial, diy, how to, pallet, wall decor
the instructions for how to make a diy floor mat from old wood planks
"Weathered White" Roll Up Photo Floordrop
Caucho Backed Fotografía Roll Up Floor Telón de fondo de La Gota - FabFloors ™ piso de madera reciclada Con resistido Blanca