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a man in red shirt working on an air conditioner
Jarrett finally got a break from the heat today to tackle more camper renovation tasks. The driver side of the Silver Streak at one point had three awnings over the side windows. A previous owner already removed the longest of the three; the remaining two
a man on a ladder painting the side of a white trailer with gold trimming
Scraping, scraping, scraping ... Jarrett strongly dislikes silicon right now 😐
an old rusted piece of metal on the side of a white trailer with rivets
Renovating a vintage camper is full of so many setbacks and surprises (and not the pleasant ones either!). So when things work the way you hoped the first time, you do a little happy dance. 💃🏼 We were holding our breath that the rust streaks i
a man in a red shirt and hat holding a brown poodle up to his face
Tip #4 for RVing with a puppy: Bring everything you need to bathe said puppy because it’s inevitable he/she will get into something at some point on the trip and need a shampoo intervention 🤦‍♀️. For nine other tips on how to RV with a puppy wit
camping with kids hacks ideas to make family camping easy and fun by the daily divider
101 BEST Kids Camping Ideas & Activities
I love family camping and these tips are AWESOME! I can't way to go!
the cover of 101 camping with kids's ideas, including pizzas and hot dogs
101 BEST Kids Camping Ideas & Activities
A HUGE list of ideas for camping with kids! There's camping games for kids, easy camping meals for family, and so much more! #TheDatingDivas #CampingWithKids #CampingActivities
the interior and exterior of a luxury motorhome with wood paneling, white bedding, and wooden slats
zach both converts a chevy cargo van into a nomadic filmmaking studio
When the going gets tough and you want to "get outta dodge", a weekend retreat or getaway can be the perfect remedy. In fact, some fall in love with the great outdoors so much that sometimes such a retreat is later extended into a lifestyle.