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a red and white plant with green leaves
Guzmania Tipy (Tiffany Variegada)
a red flower with green leaves in the background
Pitcairnia nigra, Bromeliaceae
two red and yellow flowers sitting on top of a green leafy plant next to a potted plant
Guzmania conifera (Bromeliaceae)
a red and white flower with green leaves
Bromelia Balansae Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
a potted plant with red and white flowers in it sitting on a table next to books
Bakker Online kertáruház széles kerti termék választék
Guzmánia 'Hope'
a yellow plant with green leaves on it
Landscape Design & Installation | Garden Supplies
Guzmania 'Yellow Diane' care
an orange and yellow flower in the middle of some green plants with other flowers behind it
Bromélia Conífera
Bromélia Conífera
a pink and green plant with rocks in the background
xNeomea Morning Sun [A cross between an Aechmea tessmanni and a Neoregelia]
red flowers are growing in the middle of some green plants
Guzmania Brimstone
a plant with red flowers and green leaves
Guzmania Durasno