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doughnut holes are piled on top of each other with dipping sauce in the background
Sourdough Discard Doughnut Holes
2h 25m
there are many pretzel bites in the tray with mustard and seasoning on top
Sourdough Discard Pretzel Bites
A delicious recipe for Sourdough Discard Pretzel Bites - a tasty way to use up your sourdough discard!
1h 25m
the words sourdough dumplings are in front of some food
Sourdough Dumplings (Quick & Easy Discard Recipe)
This quick & easy sourdough dumplings recipe made with sourdough discard is the perfect addition to any dumpling soup, especially bone broth chicken soup which is the ultimate comfort food and a favorite hearty meal in my home! I may be compensated for some affiliate links in this post at no extra cost to you.... The post Sourdough Dumplings (Quick & Easy Discard Recipe) appeared first on Hopewell Heights.
homemade sourdough pasta in a pan with text overlay
Sourdough Pasta Recipe {Only 3 Ingredients!} - Crave The Good
a hand holding up a cracker with black and white sprinkles
Simple Everything Sourdough Discard Crackers
These simple everything seasoned sourdough discard crackers are tangy, crunchy, salty and full of flavor, making them the perfect snack! When I first started using my sourdough starter, I had a dilemma on my hands, as many newbies do, about what to do with my sourdough discard. One way I discovered to use it up was to make sourdough discard crackers! I never realized how easy crackers were to make, but I’m sure glad I gave them a try.I’ve tried cheddar crackers, herby cra…