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Distance Learning: Classroom Management
Distance learning has definitely taught me a lot about teaching online! One of the challenges that I have encountered has been keeping up with missing, late work, or revisions. I created these Google Slides to help my students and I keep track of their weekly assignments.
a laptop with the words, use kahoot to teach new content
Blind Kahoot - Use Kahoot to Introduce Concepts - Srta Spanish
the text how to prepare for the next school year even with all of the unknowns
Prepare for the 2020-2021 School Year - Even With all of the Unknowns! Learn How! — Teach BeTween the Lines
a poster with the words what makes a good opera? and an image of a woman holding
What Makes a Good Opera – Character, Plot, and Setting - Make Moments Matter
a cartoon character holding a bucket with water coming out of it and the words, the sorcer's apprente music history lesson plan
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Music History Lesson Plan
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Music Teaching and Distance Learning During COVID-19
a girl standing in front of a map with the words, maps out your ideal music curriculum
Planning Ahead: Creating Your Ideal Music Curriculum — Victoria Boler
Planning ahead is an amazing thing to do in the summer before school starts, or in the first month of the school year. However, even if you start in the middle of the year it’s not too late, and definitely worth it. When planning for the school year it’s best to start with a broad look of your goals
the cover of harmony fine arts music appreciation grade 9, complete with notes and exercises
Free High School Music Appreciation Curriculum
Free High School Music Appreciation Curriculum -
the cover of hey kids, meet copland
Hey Kids, Meet Aaron Copland | Composer Biography
Hey Kids, Meet Aaron Copland | Composer Biography and Music Lesson Resources -
the penguin is playing piano with another penguin in the background and text that reads piano game that teaches tonic, domino and leading tone
Home - WunderKeys Piano Books and Resources
Cutest way (ever!) to teach tonic, dominant and leading tone in major keys. This piano teaching game is going to become a fast favorite in your studio. Grab it before it's gone on June 26 as a part of June's game pack for just $8! #pianogameclub #CoolestPianoTeacher #PenguinsTeachPiano #TheyllBegForThis
a young man playing an acoustic guitar with the words middle school music written on it
Middle School Music Writing Prompts
These middle school music writing prompts can be used with kids of all ages, but…
an audio recorder is shown in this screenshot
Teaching resources
Tutorial video giving hints on how to use Audacity as a storytelling tool. A brilliant tool to use with pupils who may need additioanal help presenting or recording written ideas.
FREE download! A two page file containing the names and links to videos/DVDs…
FREE download! A two page file containing the names and links to videos/DVDs…