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a drawing of a woman in a black and white dress with a red dot on her head
Illustrations by commercial Women Beauty, Fashion, Pencil illustrator Montana Forbes represented by leading international agency Illustration Ltd. To view Montana's portfolio please visit
a woman holding a blow dryer on top of a cloud
by ehcapist
an orange with people on it floating in the air
Summer series
three different views of the same outfit, one in white and one in black with long sleeves
Fashion Sketchbook - mixed media fashion illustrations; fashion portfolio // Andrea Jiapei Li
four different types of dresses are shown in this drawing, each with an individual's own design
Fashion Illustration
Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustrations; fashion portfolio // Fashion student work, artist unknown
an image of a woman's top and pants in two different styles, with the pattern
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Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design drawings; fashion collage; fashion portfolio // Valentina Desideri
four different images of mannequins with faces and hair
damien blottiere
damien blottiere - Google Search
an image of a man wearing a hat and coat with his hand on his hip
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Fashion Sketchbook - fashion collage; fashion design sketch; fashion portfolio // Katarina Lindell
a man with an artistically designed shirt and skirt
SixLee S/S 2014 x Ernesto Artillo Lookbook
a man with his hands on his face
SixLee S/S 2014 x Ernesto Artillo Lookbook
Mixed media designer SixLee for Ernesto Artillo, Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook
an abstract painting with black, blue, yellow and red shapes on white paper that has been drawn by hand
bingo2000: atelier bingo.
a woman with pink flowers on her head is looking at something in front of her face
INSPIRATION NATION “I love you more than my own skin.”Frida Kahlo More
an image of a man with a fur collar on top of his head and the words neck protection above him
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Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustration; fashion collage; fashion portfolio // Katarina Lindell
two drawings of people with hats and scarves
The New MA Graduates: Hayley Grundmann
Hayley Grundmann