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an old boat is docked at the dock
Vikinge skib
Havhingsten fra Glendalough - Roskilde
an open window in the corner of a room with tile flooring and blue walls
room with a view.. or not
an empty room with metal bars hanging from the ceiling
an overhead view of some buildings with cars parked in the parking lot next to them
udsigt fra Frb brandstation
a red and blue metal fence sitting next to a building on top of snow covered ground
Københavns Roklub
an old dump truck parked in front of a building
nu ligger der en etageejendom
a body of water with clouds in the sky and buildings on the other side at sunset
udsigt til Nokken 2014
two boats are docked in front of a white building
an old rusted boat sitting in the snow
der gik penge i den
RIP en havn af muligheder
der gik penge i den
an old brick building with white windows and shutters
Stenhuset i Sydhavnen 2014
de små huse er revet ned nu
an office chair sitting on top of a wooden bench covered in snow next to train tracks
finurlighed på skinner
a wooden structure sitting on top of snow covered ground next to a train track and street
Sydhavnen 2014
thing on wheels
an orange and red train car sitting on top of snow covered ground next to rocks
cirkusvogn fra Benneweis