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a hot dog on a bun with ketchup and mayonnaise in the background
My Culinary Genius on WordPress.com
French hotdogs: You take a french baguette, toast it, cut a hole in the middle of the baquette and put some sauce on the bottom then add the hot dog. Recipe for the sauce here.
a red and white heart shaped ornament with a rose on it's side
Trasferirsi in Danimarca per cambiare vita: la storia di Silvia
La storia di Silvia, che si è da poco trasferita in Danimarca è sta vivendo quel periodo di entusiasmo e di scoperte quotidiane che tutti (credo) ricordiamo dei nostri primi giorni in Danimarca, forse con un po' di nostalgia.
a rainbow colored building with benches on the deck
What to do, see and eat in Aarhus, the Danish city giving Copenhagen a run for its money
What to do, see and eat in Aarhus, the Danish city giving Copenhagen a run for its money
an alleyway with graffiti on the walls and stairs
Latinergyden i Aalborg
people are walking around in the middle of an old town square with tall buildings on both sides
Datei:Aalborg NyTorv 2004 ubt.jpeg
Downtown Aalborg, The Danish Bank (the castle)
an aerial view of a large building with lots of plants in the front and side
Aalborg Waterfront Phase II - House of Music Areas | C.F. Møller Architects
Aalborg Waterfront Phase II - House of Music Areas, Aalborg, 2015 - C. F. Møller Architects
an orange building with white windows and signs on the front door that says anttik
Top 10 things to do in North Jutland, Denmark
Top 10 things to do in North Jutland, Denmark http://www.aluxurytravelblog.com/2013/07/23/top-10-things-to-do-in-north-jutland-denmark/
an empty street with buildings on both sides
Danish Houses in Aalborg, Jutland, Denmark
a man walking through a puddle in the middle of a park
zoo aalborg http://www.business-class-flight.co.uk/tickets/denmark/aalborg/
an artist's rendering of people walking in front of the entrance to a shopping center
Store oplevelser i Nordjyllands eksotiske dyreverden
Ålborg Zoo Dyrebare oplevelser i Jyllands største dyrepark | Aalborg Zoo
a glass filled with rhubaras on top of a black table next to cranberries
Oschätzchen / Dänische Bonbons von Bolcheriet
the yellow building has many windows and signs on it's front door, along with people sitting at tables outside
Bolcheriet i Løkken, Nordjylland,Danmark
waves crashing on the beach at sunset with a person standing in the water behind them
Fotokunst af solopgang ved Blokhus strand - Foto Factory
Solopgang ved Blokhus Strand - Foto Factory
a blue and red boat sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean
Visitjammerbugten | Ferie i Jammerbugten | Blokhus | Slettestrand | Svinkløv
a red and white flag flying on top of a sandy hill next to a bench
12. Dezember | TRAVEL Einfach schön…. in Blokhus
Amalie loves Denmark Sommerurlaubstag in Blokhus, Jammerbucht, Dänemark