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a kitchen with white tile walls and open shelving on the wall, there is a painting above the stove that says making the switch to open shelves
Making the Switch to Open Shelving - Anita Yokota
Making the switch to open shelving is more than a design choice: it’s a lifestyle change. And I absolutely love our new lifestyle 10 million times more than I thought I would! Of course, loving is easy when the shelves are this beautiful. We worked with Shelfology to make this transformation happen, and boy am I impressed!
several spoons are lined up on a wall with wooden slats attached to them
Easy DIY: Ombre Spoon Decor - Anita Yokota
This has been my favorite DIY in a very long time, and I love the way it reminds me of all the previous projects we’ve done that paved the way for this creation. And that’s the joy of DIY, my friends!
a towel is laying on top of a rug
California Casual Decor & Wellbeing
Have you heard about the vagus nerve? This neural highway runs throughout your body, connecting the brain, organs & digestive system. It plays a crucial role in mood regulation, immune response, digestion & heart rate. The vagus nerve is also key in our response mechanisms to stress, influencing the fight or flight response. To activate your vagus nerve & promote overall well-being, incorporating practices like meditation, music and soundscapes & breathwork into your routine can be helpful.
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to two lamps on either side of the bed
California Casual Bedroom
Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean we have to bid farewell to all things wintery! We finally carved out time to reset our primary bedroom, and the cozy vibes are next level—I can’t get enough! Big shoutout to @luluandgeorgia for elevating the space with new sconces, a bed, and nightstands. I truly believe that’s what’s anchoring the incredible energy in here. Our DIY green board and batten wall remains a stunning focal point, and surprisingly, I haven’t grown tired of it!
a bedroom with a bed, chair and fireplace in it's centerpieces
California Casual Bedroom
There’s nothing like a fresh start at home for the new year. I’m sure you’re looking around your home and wondering about the next refresh or project to tackle. Here’s a glimpse of how I help design clients feel motivated to identify and execute their next design project without stress and fuss. So, let me introduce you to the four Home Therapy domains: Individual Domain, Organizational Domain, Communal Domain, and the Renewal Domain.
a decorated christmas tree sitting in the middle of a living room next to a table
California Casual Christmas Decor
Forget the modern look- opted for a White House-inspired hack, stringing ornaments of all sizes and colors to make this traditional tree pop! Fun fact: Growing up in the PNW meant real trees only, but with 3 kids, 2 dogs, and those pesky needles, it confirmed the way to go is faux! 🤔 Regardless, in love with this cute tree, especially those vintage-y clip-on candle lights. 🕯✨ What’s been your favorite Christmas surprise so far?
Bath Aesthetic
Feeling the holiday rush already? I haven’t even set up my holiday decorations or tree yet! Instead, it’s been a whirlwind of driving my kids around town to their activities, leaving me arriving home exhausted with no time for dinner - and I was absolutely famished! Honestly though all I craved was a warm, soothing bath. Then, a light bulb moment: ‘Girl dinner!’ My quick go-to? A delicious Banh Mi sandwich! What’s your ultimate go-to for a quick and satisfying girl dinner? #girldinner
a bathroom with black and white tile flooring, wooden cabinets and a rug on the floor
California Casual Bathroom
If you've had the chance to dive into my book (and if you haven't, it's a must-read, I promise!), you're probably familiar with the Home Therapy method. Here's how it rolls: Step 1️⃣: Individual Discovery and Awareness Step 2️⃣: Organizing with Structure and Boundaries Step 3️⃣: Spreading the Love Beyond Yourself and Your Community Step 4️⃣: Rewarding Yourself with Self-Care So grab a copy of the book, and let's get started on your path to a happier, healthier you!
a living room with a brown leather couch and coffee table in front of a window
California Casual Living Room
NBD, I'm just a regular therapist turned designer with a simple mission – I want to help you create living rooms that scream 'Let's PLAY!' Yep, that's right, it's all about letting loose, having fun, and making memories together.Gone are the days of stuffy, formal living rooms. Let's break free from that old mold! I'm all about adding hidden storage for your favorite games, blasting some awesome tunes for impromptu dance parties, and, of course, making sure you've got comfy seating to sink into.
a bathroom with a vanity, mirror and bathtub next to a rug on the floor
California Casual Bathroom
Let’s get real—our homes can be a bit of a maze sometimes. But you know what’s super underrated? Creating a little slice of serenity. Work a Breath Break into your daily routine: Seriously, folks, even a tiny timeout to catch your breath can be a game-changer. Inhale, exhale, and watch the world slow down. But often, our homes aren’t accessible for it. Your home, your rules. Make it accessible and make it count. Look around and design corners around your home that remind you to take a pause.
an aerial view of a living room with furniture and rugs on the floor,
California Casual living room decluttering tips
Looking at clutter in a new light is the key to conquering it. The Ski Slope Method helps you see your rooms as slopes and tackle each section, without feeling overwhelmed. It is particularly helpful for new moms—this method was born out of MY own frustration when I had 3 little ones! Break the room into different sections, starting from one corner and moving onto the next. It is easier to accomplish one section at a time. Even the most cluttered room can be effectively tidied up with ease.
a living room filled with furniture and lots of bookshelves on top of it
California Casual living room
Tired of stumbling through conversations? Longing for meaningful connections and reduced tension? Your search ends here. Drawing from a couple of decades of honing interpersonal prowess, I've done the work so you don't have to. Introducing the transformative Ultimate Conversation Starter Kit—an artfully structured script that revolutionizes your communication approach. Double-tap if you're ready to master communication!
an open drawer in a bathroom next to a sink and toiletries on the counter
California Casual bathroom decor
Here are some of my favorite bathroom design tips to help you reach YOUR Core Desires: 1️⃣ Use dividers in your bathroom drawers! I like to use dividers in every drawer, but they don’t always have to be clear or white. 2️⃣ If you have room, place a stool or rack near your tub to hold a towel and a healing crystal or book. 3️⃣ Drawer pull-outs work in the bathroom, too! Consider installing them where the cabinets meet the corners to improve access.
an organized pantry with white shelving and baskets
California Casual pantry organization
From chaos to culinary haven! Here a few of my go to tips when designing a pantry: Adjustable Shelving: If possible, install adjustable shelving to accommodate items of various sizes. Meal Planning Shelf: Keep items you'll need for upcoming recipes in one spot to streamline cooking. Personalize Your System: Tailor your pantry to your family's needs and habits. Tell me, what's your secret ingredient for keeping your pantry in top-notch shape?
a white vase sitting on top of a wooden table next to a candle and some flowers
California Casual Decor
Are you ready to break free from the chains of self-doubt and unleash your full potential? It's time to take a deep dive into the core limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Automatic negative thoughts, or belief blockers as I call them, make life difficult: They can stall your decision-making, lower your self-esteem, strain your relationships, and lead to depression, anxiety, and even anger. I talk about this in my book, Home Therapy. Click the link in my bio and get your copy!