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two men standing next to each other holding a sign that says better pay in the ira
These Pictures Show What Life Looked Like During The Troubles
I.r.a Ireland, Ireland 1970s, Biker Guy, North Ireland, Images Of Ireland
In a secret location in County Donegal in the Irish Republic, a...
an old black and white photo of men in uniforms standing on a cobblestone street
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The British Forces confront civilian protestors during a raid on the Regal Hotel in Dublin City, the Irish War of Independence, Ireland, 1920
an old photo of a man in uniform walking down the street with another person behind him
LOT:37 | A LARGE FRAMED PHOTOGRAPH OF MICHAEL COLLINS A reprint after the original photograph taken in Portobello Barracks c.1922 Framed, glazed and mounted, 75 x 49cm
an old black and white photo of people standing in front of a store with police officers
Memories of The Irish War of Independence in Ireland
British Soldiers on the streets of Dublin 1920's
an old photo of people walking in the rain
Historical Times
Anti-treaty IRA unit patrolling Grafton Street, #Dublin. #1922....