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a woman is dancing with a tiger on her back
Lisa Tegtmeier
Lisa Tegtmeier
a book cover with an image of trees and birds in the branches, which are surrounded by green leaves
an image of power lines in the sky with clouds and grass on the ground below
all the world is verse to me
an orange and red painting with dots on the bottom half of it's body
Karlee Rawkins
an abstract painting of trees with red and pink colors
Holly Mills
several different birds and animals are depicted in this painting, including a bird with long beaks
birds of a feather
the cover art for mixing & matching, featuring red flowers and leaves on beige background
Visual diary; Second year/ First half
Visual diary; Second year/ First half on Behance
a drawing of a cow with flowers in its mouth on a green background and an orange flower behind it
Moo Art Print
two paintings of people walking down a road in front of a yellow hill with trees
an image of a man standing in the water
Juxtapoz Magazine - Dreamlike Split-Level Landscape Paintings by Jeremy Miranda