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a toilet paper roll with the words phases of the moon on it in front of a bathroom sink
an elf is sitting on the counter next to some potato chips
75+ Funny and Easy Elf-on-the-Shelf Ideas for Christmas
a drawing of two snowmen and a banana sitting on top of a wooden table
A Christmas History Of Our Family: Our Homemade Christmas Cards
a plate with food on it and a note that says the elf was delicious, had't the cookies for class?
red and white heart shaped cookies sitting on top of a table
Scandinavian Heart Basket Cookies – Bakers Brigade
gingerbread model of a star destroyer on display in a store with caption that reads, advertizeit ist such lebkehnenze
Gingerbread Star Destroyer
some cookies are in the shape of houses next to a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows
Diy Gifts, Sew Ins, Sewing Gifts, Sewing Bag, Fabric Gifts, Clutch Bag, Bag Pattern, Diy Sewing
Fabric Gift Pouch Tutorial.
there are many small bags on the shelf
Drop nu det gavepapir: DIY-maestro guider til de smukkeste hjemmesyede gaveposer
two pictures one is gold and the other has white paper stars on top of it
Topstjerne til juletræet lavet i guld papir - hjemmelavet - DIY