Who what when at the beach

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several people sitting on lounge chairs at an outdoor swimming pool with umbrellas and sunbathers in the background
+ c u l t o f ʍ o ɹ ɹ o ɯ o ʇ +
+ c u l t o f ʍ o ɹ ɹ o ɯ o ʇ + - the60sbazaar: The beautiful, glamorous and...
several women in bathing suits playing tennis on a grass court
Sydney Summer
a man and woman are laying on the beach reading a book while a boat is in the water behind them
Brydie Mack Couple Beach Italian Riviera European summer vintage aesthetic
film photography film editorial vintage style nostalgia couple photoshoot old money vacation vacation photo inspo vintage sunglasses italian riviera euro summer aesthetic vacation seaside ig summer inspo
a woman laying on top of a white lawn chair
Sand and Surf in BAZAAR