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an image of a cartoon character on the cover of a cross - stitch pattern book
Shine C2C graph, SC graph, cross stitch graph by Two Magic Pixels
Shine is a graph pattern that can be used to crochet a blanket using C2C (Corner to Corner), TSS (Tunisian Simple Stitch) and other techniques. Alternatively, you can use this graph for knitting, cross stitching and other crafts. This graph design is 80 squares wide by 100 squares high. It requires 12 colors. Pattern PDF includes: - color illustration for reference - color square pattern Image only, no written counts. This listing is for a digital pattern only. The PDF file of the patt...
a close up of a piece of art made out of beads
an image of a cross stitched sticker with flowers in the center on a wooden surface
a cross stitch ornament hanging on a wooden board with flowers painted on it
two cars with different designs on them, one is red and the other is green
two small cactus plants are sitting in tins
two needled cactuses are sitting next to each other on a piece of plastic
several starfishs and seashells are on the sand
Artkal Hama Beads DIY Crafts Sea Star
this is an image of a cross stitch pattern with space and stars on it, as well as the outer planets
an image of a cross stitch angel ornament
an image of two cartoon characters on facebook
a plastic tray with colorful beads arranged in the shape of a heart on top of it
three cross stitch easter eggs with faces on each one and the words chick, chicken, egg
@Karensperler - Perleinspiration til børn og voksne
several pieces of perler bead art with flowers and easter eggs on the floor
Perles hama