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a woman sitting on top of a blue chair with her legs crossed and one leg up
Effektiv mavetræning på ét minut
"The best ab-work out." Sit on a chair, where your feet don't touch the ground - hands tucked under your thighs, lean bodyweight forward(like you're getting up) - lift legs slow and controllable about 6-8cm. Repeat for 1min or more
a woman sitting on top of a wooden chair
Toning Exercises for a Flat Stomach
Captain's Chair (lower rectus abdominus): A.Remain seated with your feet flat on the floor. Sit tall with a long spine. Grasp the edge of the chair with your fingers on either side of your hips. Reach your palms into the chair to add stability to your torso. B.Exhale as you slowly bring your knees toward your chest, trying not to arch your lower back as you do so. Hold 1-3 secs. Then slowly lower as you inhale. **Repeat for 1 min**