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an old album cover with a woman in a black dress
an old fashion magazine cover with a woman and child
Nell Brinkley ~ Kathleen and the Great Secret
Kathleen fights “the woman” in the laboratory.
an old movie poster for sweet charity with women in dresses and high heeled shoes
Phases Phrases Photos
the cover of esqquite magazine shows a young boy painting on an easel
Hair Beauty, Haircut Styles, Skater Hair, Hair Colorist, Hair Inspo, Haircuts, Hair Inspiration, Hair Looks, Grunge Hair
Meet Tomi Kono, Whose Wild Wigs Have Graced The Heads Of Gigi Hadid And More
an advertisement with cucumber slices and leaves on the front cover of a magazine
The Year's Best Magazine Design
the cover art for la planete sauvage, an animated sci - fi movie
‘Fantastic Planet’: Spellbinding images from the futuristic 1973 masterpiece
‘Fantastic Planet’: Spellbinding images from the futuristic 1973 masterpiece | Dangerous Minds
the movie poster for velvet gottin's starring in english and french language, with an image of a woman making two fingers up
Fuck Yeah Movie Posters!
an advertisement for the japanese movie, sunflower river with a woman in red dress
Suzhou River (film) - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia
an advertisement for the japanese movie ghost
Made In Hong Kong (A) | 90s Hong Kong Classic, Sam Lee, Fruit Chan | 1999 original print | vintage Japanese chirashi film poster