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a book and key hanging on a shelf with a plant in the corner next to it
By Wirth Magnet Hylde Natur Eg | Hurtig levering, køb her
a pair of black gloves hanging on a wooden shelf next to a potted plant
Living on the Ledge: Gejst's Versatile Storage System for Small Spaces
a close up of a wooden handle on a door
Dørstopper i Træ og Læder. Nordisk Design. Dansk produceret
Dørstop i eg og læder. Dørstoppet er enkelt og funktionelt. Dørstopper monteres både vandret og lodret. Dørsstopper med en let fjedrende virkning uden at ridse.
a kitchen with white cabinets and pictures on the wall
The Best IKEA Hacks for Built-In Storage (Stolen From Instagram)
These IKEA built-in hack ideas will add tons of storage space to your home. The IKEA closet hack looks like a real built-in-closet, and you’d never guess the kitchen island is made of bookcases. Great storage ideas using IKEA hacks.