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four desserts in small glass jars with white flowers on top and blue table cloth
Små cheesecakes med Oreos og lemoncurd - My Place for Cakes
små cheesecakes med oreos og lemoncurd
a person is holding keys on a rack with other keychains hanging from it
DIY: Sådan laver du et smart nøglebræt
several crocheted balls are sitting on the floor next to a purse and string
Kugleranke - Garn Grammatik
Hæklet kugleranke - Garn Grammatik
two wooden shelves with plants and decorations on them
DIY -hjemmelavet hylder. Man skal kun bruge 2 stk. Træ, 4 stk kernelæder og 4 skruer. Home made wooden and lether shelf.
a jar filled with nuts sitting on top of a counter next to a measuring tape
BARK Post: Dog News, Guides, Reviews, & Cool Stuff from BARK
33 DIY Dog Toys from Things Around the House | BarkPost
an animal is eating something out of a blue bowl and then drinking water from it
Download the book (free) Enrichment and Well-Being of Mammals in Captivity in English or Spanish on enriquecimiento-ambiental.gowildpanama.org Over 250 pages with detailed information and photos on the types and stages of environmental enrichment, plus a chapter on animal rights and animal welfare with tools for measuring animal welfare in captive settings.
the monkey is trying to get some food out of the bins that are stacked on top of each other
Tennis Ball Feeder for Swamp Monkeys at Saint Louis Zoo. Such a fun idea with a Great picture where you can really see how it fits together. I would put a hinge and locks at the bottom for easier cleaning however.
a person holding a tennis ball with a dog bone in the background
DIY Treat Toys to Keep Your Dog Busy
DIY Treat Toys to Keep Your Dog Busy - Kol's Notes
a dog standing in front of a wooden box filled with empty water bottles and looking at it's reflection
Enrichment ideas: The bottle game | Stale Cheerios
dog toy with pop bottles | Note: This is my first attempt at embedding a video from Facebook onto ...
three wooden boxes with different types of items in them and the words, diy sale bird store
SpinaRoo Wooden Foraging Parrot Toy - StarBird... *Could be a fun idea for the monkeys here
three gray purses hanging from chains on a yellow sheeted surface, with holes in the middle
Monkey cage, pet capuchin monkey enclosure, primate care, enrichment, spider monkey toys
Monkey cage, pet capuchin monkey enclosure, primate care, enrichment, spider monkey toys
a small animal is eating food from a hanging bird feeder that's attached to a tree
Enrichment and Training
lemur enrichment - Google Search
a diagram showing how to make a cat powered feeder with catsnip and water
Cat Power - Dehahs | Graphics by Shahed Syed
Cat powered feeder. Eris would figure it out and eat all the food at once, but I like the comment that suggests only putting a days ration in.
a cat eating out of a plastic container
DIY Cat Puzzle Toy Box • hauspanther
puzzles for cats, great idea for humane society or local no kill shelters
a black bear sitting on the ground next to a blue barrel with holes in it
Enriching the lives of our rescued bears
Bear diaries: Enriching the lives of our rescued bears