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Architecture, Industrial Design, Tech, Tech Design, Industrial Machine, Machinery, Facility
Archillect on Twitter
Dieselpunk, Pilot, Auto, Carros, Aero, Whitney, Jets
Radial Engine
Metal, Steampunk, Vintage Industrial, Industrial Photography
Ruins, Inspiration, Urban Decay, Fotos, Abandoned, Scenery, Paisajes
Abandoned Buildings, Abandoned Places, Destroyed
Super Heated Metal
Star Trek, Sci Fi, Films, Science Fiction, Concept Art, Blade Runner
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Rusty Metal, Underground
Urbx.43 by 5isalive on DeviantArt
Industrial Space
Liminal Spaces on Twitter
Instagram, Hashima Island, Brutalist Architecture, Island, Desolate
The most desolate city on Earth: Take a tour of the ghostly Battleship Island crumbling into the sea off the coast of Japan
Around The World Trips, World, Abandoned Ships, The Lost World, Around The Worlds, Ghost Ship
30 Creepiest Abandoned Places Around the World that You Must Discover Once | The Broad Life
Underground Caves, Underground Cities, Ancient Mysteries, Bunker, Sanat, Monument
These Incredible Salt Mines Are Like Another World Beneath Our Feet
Architecture Collage, Architecture Design, Architecture Drawing, Visual, Cityscape, Landscape
Phantom Landscape — YANG YONGLIANG