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pencil drawing of various tools in different positions and sizes, including wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, etc
Repetition and Variation
many different colored owls sitting next to each other
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all sorts of owls
an assortment of different types of beetles on a white background with color swatches in the bottom right corner
this isn't happiness.
animal eyes
Curiosidades visuales | Page 5
animal eyes
a poster with the words, draw a gems for hazel on it and an image of different
an antique print of crabs and lobsters from the 19th century, showing their names
Jonston Fish Prints, Shell Prints, Crab Prints, Lobster Prints, Jellyfish Prints, Sea Prints 1767
a vase filled with red flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a poster
Sea Animals of the Pacific Northwest Print on White
Marine Animals Print
an olympic poster with a woman's face wearing a hat and medal around her neck
For the Love of Art
this art teacher dresses up Mona each month!
many different types of butterflies on a white background
Chris Waind’s Graphic Butterfly Collection
Variation on a Theme.
an art project is shown with different colors and designs on it's paper sheet
Creative Principles [Elements and Principles of Art] : Drawing Lessons for Kids: KinderArt
three colorful birds standing in front of each other on top of a piece of paper
The Quest
recycled art at
all the chairs i can't say on white paper with black and white ink
more furniture design inspiration..James Gulliver Hancock Chairs Print
an image of a white bag with many different objects on the front and back side
Random Robots
four birds are sitting in cages hanging from the ceiling and one bird is flying away
Free Digi Stamps | Bird Cage
birds & cages, Variety - Principles of Design
an assortment of potted plants in black, white and green colors on a white background
DESIGNER - stephen crowhurst
Illustration by Stephen Crowhurst
coffee cups and saucers silhouettes
Skinny laMinx
black & white
an abstract painting with black, red, yellow and blue paint splattered on it
Variety, Principles of Design
the cover of renoir's feast music for a masterpiece
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Variety of people, Renoir
a painting of many people at an outdoor event
Chat, Date, Match
a painting of apples and oranges on a table with a white cloth in front of it
Variety of fruit in Paul Cezanne's still life
a green sculpture sitting on top of a white floor next to a wall and door
louise nevelson sculpture shows variety in the length and shape of its pieces