Timeless Mosaics

Mix + match our developed patterns for a stunning mosaic or custom make your own with our vast array of natural stone, glass, and antique mirror choices. From cutting and finishing machines to mesh-mounting, and design consultation, we will work with you to create the perfect mosaic tile for your space.
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a glass shelf in front of a black wall with blue and white tiles on it
Artistic Tile | Hip 2B Square Blue
Vibrantly colored Jazz Glass in repeating blue ombre squares makes Hip 2B Square a style both retro and modern.
Sail Fete Multi Blend
The unique composition of Sail Fete Multi Blend offers a high energy moment in this foyer. Discover the Sail Collection below 👇 • https://www.artistictile.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Sail
Artistic Tile | Tappeti Lilac
Our Tappeti Lilac mosaic combines four naturally vibrant stones into a fabric-like weft with a smooth polished stone surface.
marble flooring in a room with white trim
Artistic Tile I White Rivershell Liner on Palisandro Bluette Stone Field Tile
Artistic Tile | Luxor Bianco Dolomiti
Artistic Tile | Luxor Bianco Dolomiti
Artistic Tile | Luxor Bianco Dolomiti
The lotus flower, symbol of rebirth, is rendered new in Luxor Bianco Dolomiti. Also offered in Grey.
Artistic Tile | Tessuto Smoke Stone Mosaic
New! Tessuto replicates the intertwining intricacies of multi-color woven fabric on a grander scale. This stone mosaic pieces together eight different marbles, limestones, and onyx. The culmination is a remarkable woven pattern that feels fresh, but familiar.
two pieces of luggage sitting on top of a white and black patterned bed spread with circles
Artistic Tile | Villa Polished Stone Mosaic
A classic tesserae mosaic presented in a modern palette, Villa is crafted from three contrasting Italian marbles and defined by floral spirals floating on a soft grey background.
a blue vase sitting on top of a counter next to a wall covered in tiles
Artistic Tile | Scales Glass Mosaic
A classic fish scale pattern, Scales features an assembly of contemporary glass colorways hand cut in a petite format.