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four different views of an architectural structure, including the top section and bottom part of the building
Social condenser infrastructure: obstacle city vs. floating city | Alex Duro -
an image of the inside of a building with pipes and wires attached to each side
an image of a section of a building being constructed with metal beams and concretes
Architecture & Civil Engineering
an image of a wooden structure with instructions to build the frame and flooring area
FACADE DETAIL SECTION - steel structure
three metal tubes on top of each other
Fijaciones, platinas, tipos y tamaños de tornillos, etc
an old brick building with scaffolding on the side and pipes running through it
there are many lights that are on the wall above the mirror in this room, and one light is hanging from the ceiling
Watch NOW ▷ How To Remove Load Bearing Wall And Install Steel Beam
the foundation wall is shown with measurements
House Footings
an open fire hydrant sitting next to a white wall and cement steps in front of it
Foundation Underpinning Gallery Los Angeles | Alpha Structural
the pipes are connected to the building and being installed in order to connect with the house
Foundation Underpinning Gallery Los Angeles | Alpha Structural