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two metal sculptures sitting on top of each other in front of a black background with the words jassonange lini com
Wedding at the Grand Plaza: Stick a Fork in Kristy and Lee, They’re Done!
Kristy and Lee were married at the Grand Plaza Resort which is always a favorite of Jason's. Kristy had the talented Cari of Kyle Lynn Cosmetics there for hair and makeup. The florist was the wonderful Heather of The Rose Garden and at the reception Josh of Expert Productions was the DJ and the…
a heart made out of motorcycle parts sitting on top of a table
a wooden block with a wire drawing of two people kissing on top of each other
VideoInArt – La scultura minimale di Gavin Worth
a wooden block with a drawing of two hands holding each other
Emotion-Filled Steel Wire Sculptures by Gavin Worth
a blue frame with a tree in it on the side of a building next to a brick wall
How to Make Quick and Easy Model Wire Trees