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two people are wading in the water near some tall grass and trees, while another person is swimming
three people are holding coffee cups with the words, this is what life is all about
two people reaching out the window to touch each other's hand while on a train
four people sitting on the side of a hill looking at mountains and hills in the distance
a woman laying on the ground in a field of flowers
Draw, Gary, Pakistan, Tales, Emma, Daughter, Fantasy, Mountains
a woman sitting in the grass next to flowers
a woman with a backpack is walking through a field full of wildflowers in the mountains
Resurrection Trail, Alaska
two people walking up a dirt path in front of a mountain range with snow capped mountains behind them
three people sitting on top of a mountain holding sparklers
colorado with friends on film :)))
a chair sitting on top of a cement ground next to a tree filled with leaves
LifeLessOrdinary — light
two people hiking up the side of a mountain with mountains in the backgroud
Children's Outfits, Bebe, Fam, Mom, Cute Babies, Kids Outfits
the tree is blowing in the wind with no leaves
Treasures: Spring Awakening – Green Dreams
an open window with the sun shining through trees and bushes in front of it on a sunny day
the legs are covered in dirt and grass
a woman laying on the ground with a sheep in her lap and looking at the camera
a woman laying on the ground next to a mossy tree trunk with her eyes closed
Kids girl Seasons
a person driving a car with mountains in the background
an old man is kissing the head of a cow
Affection – are we missing it?
a woman and her dog are looking at each other
st. bernard ✧˖
a lake in the middle of a mountain range with mountains in the distance and trees around it