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a pile of books sitting on top of a table next to a sign that says hippo friends
Around the Kampfire
Non-fiction and fiction, teaching the difference from Around the Kampfire
two posters with different types of fiction written on them, one has an american flag and the other says fiction
anchor charts for reading
Anchor Charts - Reading types (fiction and non-fiction) good to start off the year
the worksheet for reading and writing words in an interactive text - based book
Non-Fiction Text Features 2nd Grade 3rd Grade
Non-Fiction Text Features Use with ANY non-fiction text
a poster with information about sharks and other marine animals on it's side, in front of a wooden wall
Moms Day Tea + Our last writing Unit!
Informational books anchor chart
an information poster about the planets and their names
Non-Fiction Text Features Posters
FREE 16 INFORMATIONAL TEXT POSTERS~ This packet contains colorful posters to teach 16 non-fiction text features, including: guide words, title page, table of contents, index, glossary, heading, keywords, illustrations, hyperlink, and more. Amazing free resource from Primary Punch!
the table of contents chart or diagram is shown in three different colors and font options
Welcome to the UNI-corner
text features
the text features worksheet is shown in black and white, which includes an image of
Nonfiction Text Features and Getting Wrapped Up in a Great Summary!
non fiction text features
a coloring book with two children holding pencils and the words, non fiction text features
educationjourney: Nonfiction Text Features
an open book with pictures of penguins and other animals on the pages, which are labeled in
Nonfiction Text Features Freebie
Non-Fiction Text Features.
the text features for an information booklet
Introducing Nonfiction Text Features: Open-Ended Templates for K-2
Introduce children to common nonfiction text features
an iphone screen showing the text features on it
Text Features Printable