im sooo normal (they never should have let me out of the psych ward)
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an image of a note with the words,'not to be told about it
an image of the words where is she located metal? on a white background with black and blue text
an image of someone's foot with the words cielo follow on it
a text message that reads, subhrrowsone follow having a job is like they're trying to close you off from the cosmos
the words are written in black and white
the woman is talking on her phone while wearing a t - shirt that says, i'm having a woman in her 20s moment on my letterbox watch
the words on the screen are clearly visible for us to see in this screenshot
the tweet reads,'my child is fine honeyyourd thinks ophels won't turn around this time '
a tweet with an image of a woman's face and the words elizabeth follow
the text is written in black on a white background
the words are written in different languages