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Brighten Up Your Kitchen with a Colorful Paper Towel Holder and Summer Fruits Decor 🍉🍋🍊
"Add a Splash of Color to Your Kitchen with our Colorful Paper Towel Holder! 🌈🧺🍽️ Transform your kitchen decor with this vibrant and practical accessory. Our handmade paper towel holder features a delightful summer fruits design, including juicy watermelons, zesty lemons, and refreshing oranges. 🍉🍋🍊
The upside down “pebble” technique!
by @julientruchonceramics.
there are many different types of vases made out of yarn
several colorful fish shaped water spouting out of a fountain need a fountain first... but what a fun idea...
two different types of sea anemones are shown in this image, one is blue and the other is brown
Underwater Photographer Stan Bysshe's Gallery: Contest: Lettuce Sea Slug -
Sea snail - zeenaaktslak - nudibranche
blue and green sea anemones in the water
two pictures of the same face made out of clay, each with different shapes and sizes
three ceramic heart shaped planters with air plants in them
purple sea anemone in the water
Lala-Oopsie Sea Horse "Sunstar" by MGA Entertainment
several different colored vases with plants growing out of them