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the eiffel tower in paris, france with text overlay that reads an epic guide to french language how to sound like a local in france
Essential French Slang — With Examples | Discover Discomfort
French can be very formal, but it also quickly descends into slang. And the surprising thing is that slang is used at every level of conversation… from the workplace to everyday life. You’ll hear French slang from the moment you arrive, when you realise that people speak casual French more than formal French. So here’s an introductory guide.| basic french phrases | learn french language | france travel | #learnfrench #frenchtips #frenchlearningtips | #languagelearning #discoverdiscomfort
bookshelves with the text 6 biggest time wasters when learning language
6 biggest language learning mistakes
It’s totally normal to feel, after months, that you’ve been wasting your time doing the wrong thing. It’s not your fault — guidance on learning languages varies massively depending on who you ask. Here are the biggest language learning time wasters. | learn a language at home | learn language from home | learn language fast | language learning tips | language apps | #languageapp #languagelearning #languagetips #discoverdiscomfort
a flat screen tv with the words learn foreign language with netflix on it and an image of
Learn a language with Netflix
It’s fun watching a movie or TV series in a foreign language to help you study. There are a few fun ways to make the most of Netflix! We’re sharing three things that we do (on top of just watching foreign TV shows/movies and using subtitles) | learn a language at home | learn language from home | learn language with netflix | learn languages | language study | langauge tips | langauge hacks | #learninglanguages #languagehack #languagetips #discoverdiscomfort
the german language poster shows different types of things to see and do in this country
Common German phrases you need to know when renting and house hunting in Germany
German for beginners! What do you call a house, apartment, or flat in German? Learn these common German phrases for where you live, as well as for looking for a living space. #LearnGerman #Germany #ExpatLife #Language #deutschlernen #German
a woman sitting on the ground reading a book with text overlay how to learn a language as an adult
Learn Languages Faster as an Adult | Discover Discomfort
There are a few disadvantages to we have as adults when it comes to learning languages compared to children. Find out what part of language learning is more difficult for adults and learn about our favorite language resources and tips that help adults absorb information better. | language learning tips | language hack | language fast | #languagetips #languagehacks #languageresorurce #languagelearning #discoverdiscomfort
two people talking to each other with the text how to overcome speaking block in a new language
5 ways how to overcome speaking block in a new language
a desk with a laptop, camera and other items on it that says language later my top tips for learning a foreign language
12 Languages Later, My Best Tips for Learning a Foreign Language
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table next to papers and notebooks
How to Learn a Language While Working Full-Time
the words 10 essential french films to fall in love with and help you learn the language
10 Essential French Films to Fall in Love With to Help You Learn the Language - Lindsay Does Languag
10 Essential French Films to Fall in Love With to Help You Learn the Language - Lindsay Does Languages
a man and woman sitting next to each other with text overlay that reads 150 + fun conversation topics for language exchange
Language Exchange Conversation Topics that Aren't Boring | Discover Discomfort
three books stacked on top of each other with the title 3 surprising old fashioned language tools that will help you learn a language quickly
Learn Languages Faster with Books, not Apps
Learn about the darkside of gamified language learning. Find out how you can get out of the unproductivity trap and actually start absorbing a new language. | language apps | learn a language| learn language fast | language hack | #languagelearning #languagetips #learnlanguagefast #discoverdiscomfort
the words 10 german phrases you need to know when visiting
10 German Phrases You Need to Know When Visiting
travel tips Archives - Helene in Between
books stacked on top of each other with the text, easy ways to remember difficult words language learning tips
Three Fun Ways to Remember Difficult Words | Discover Discomfort
No matter how you try to learn words in a foreign language, there are always some words that get “stuck”. You just can’t memorize them. If you use flashcards, you keep seeing the same words over and over. The word is just at the tip of your tongue. If this sounds like you, here are 3 tips and tricks to get these tricky words to stick! | language learning | language learning tips | vocabulary | #languagelearning #learnlanguagefast #languagechallenge #languagetips #languagehack #discoverdiscomfort