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an old stone bridge with a small building in the background and trees on either side
an abandoned train station with green plants growing on the ground and two trains in the background
Abandoned train station. Does anyone know whereabouts is this?
an old building with stairs leading up to the second floor and light coming from above
50 Of The Most Breathtaking Forgotten Places, Shared In The ‘Abandoned Beauties’ Facebook Group
an old building with many windows and statues
A Sanatorium, In Poland. Explore Or Ignore?
a spiral staircase in an old building with blue paint on the walls and windows above it
Warm Shadows by PatiMakowska on DeviantArt
an old train track with moss growing on it
a person with an umbrella standing next to a train in the middle of some trees
a tunnel in the middle of a lush green forest
Abandoned Helensburgh Station 1
a bunch of cars that are sitting in the grass with captioning about it
Abandoned Places: Beautiful Photographs , page 1
an old factory with pipes and machinery
Paperfactory C˜, France
an abandoned train in the woods with graffiti on it
I Visited Abandoned Places In Pennsylvania, Here Are My Favorite Photos From There (10 Pics)